Community Involvement Print

The community is considered to be a valuable part of the team involved in the preparation of a Floodplain Risk Management Study. More specifically, the community will be able to provide valuable input into the following study components, which will be crucial for managing the flood risk across the catchment:

- Raising awareness in the community about the risk of flooding and appropriate actions that individuals can take to help reduce the flood risk

- Providing feedback on other options being considered for managing the flood risk

- Suggesting options to help manage the flood risk

A questionnaire will be distributed to households and businesses within the study area. The questionnaire will provide you with an opportunity to share your past flooding experiences, make suggestions on ways in which the flood risk can be reduced and provide feedback on other options that are being considered as part of the study.  If you did not receive a copy of the questionnaire in the mail, please contact us.  Alternatively, an online version of the questionnaire can also be completed here.

Your contributions to the study are greatly appreciated and will help to ensure the study is a success.