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Flooding causes an estimated $314 million dollars' worth of damage each year and causes more annual damage than any other natural disaster in Australia. Over 2,000 people have also lost their lives during floods in Australia since settlement. As such, flooding can place a significant financial burden on communities and place lives at risk.

Wingecarribee Shire Council is currently preparing a floodplain risk management study for the Whites Creek catchment which covers the township of Moss Vale. The study will help Council to identify flooding "trouble-spots" and allow for a targeted assessment of where flood risk reduction measures would be best implemented. It is part of a series of flood studies and floodplain risk management studies being completed across the Shire as part of Council’s Floodplain Risk Management Program, which aims to reduce the impact of flooding on the community.


The extent of the Whites Creek catchment is shown in the image in the top right of this page. It incorporates a number of unnamed tributaries, which flow past many residential and rural properties in and around Moss Vale. Accordingly, there is potential for damage, inconvenience and risk to life during large floods within the catchment.

The study will evaluate measures for managing the existing, future and continuing flood risk across the catchment. This will include an assessment of a range of structural and non-structural measures to ensure the risk is appropriately managed across the full range of floods that could potentially occur. The community is actively encouraged to contribute to the study by completing the online Questionnaire or sending information on past flooding experiences (including flood photos/videos). The community can also contact Council or Catchment Simulation Solutions (the consultant that will be completing the study) to discuss any aspect of the study.

The study is being completed as part of Council’s Floodplain Risk Management Program, which aims to reduce the impact of flooding on the community. It is funded by Council with additional funding and technical support provided by the NSW Government’s Office of Environment and Heritage. The study is being prepared by engineering consultancy, Catchment Simulation Solutions, who have completed many similar flood studies across NSW.



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